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Holy...Guacamole...(And That's Not Even An Item...Yet)

I launched the Kickstarter with a goal of raising $1,600 to cover the costs of printing 50 decks, that goal was met in three hours. Thank you to everyone who donated and purchased, all funds raised go to maintaining this website and developing future projects. A special thanks to the community at r/DnD for embracing this project.

With sincere love and appreciation

BJ Hypes

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Armor of Plot

Armor of Plot Wondrous Item – Legendary   Fall off a cliff? Submerged in lava? Find yourself between a mama owlbear and her cub? Nothing

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Pod of Casting

Pod of Casting Wondrous Item – Rare   You have interesting things to say and it doesn’t seem that hard, why not start using a

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Buds of The Ear

Buds of The Ear Wondrous Item – Rare   While you wear the Buds of The Ear, you gain advantage on all perception checks related

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Chalk of Hiding

Chalk of Hiding Wondrous Item – Rare   “Higgins? Where’d the body go?” “Oh, it’s right over…well, it was right over there…” “Higgins?” “Yeah Sarge?”

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Sweater of Wholesemity

Sweater of Wholesemity Artifact   In the beginning, as the worlds were wove through the planal loom, there remained many strands of kindness. These remaining

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Sponges of Growth

Sponges of Growth Wondrous Item – Rare   These little capsules expand rapidly when they come into contact with liquid, creating a life-sized animals made

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Funny Bone

The Funny Bone Wondrous Item – Rare   Legends say the Funny Bone was carved from the remains of the fearsome Grebletorius, King of Dragons,

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Seal of Approval

Seal of Approval Wondrous Item – Rare   This little ceramic seal pup is enchanted to wriggle and flump around like the real deal, but

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Monkey Wrench

Monkey Wrench Wondrous Item – Rare   A curious item, the Monkey Wrench can be used to magically mend an inanimate object through the delicate

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Pen of Vapor

Pen of Vapor Wondrous Item – Rare   Holding this pen in your mouth and breathing in allows you to project a thick cloud of

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The Password

The Password Wondrous Item – Legendary   You hear a whisper from a language long forgotten, this is The Password. It acts as the key

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Vampire Bat

Vampire Bat Wondrous Item – Rare   During the day, this appears to be an ordinary bat, but as the sun sets, a pair of

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Cloak of Bigfoot

Cloak of Bigfoot Wondrous Item – Rare   Woven from the hair of the most elusive and reclusive folk heroes, this cloak was previously worn

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The Bob of Apples

The Bob of Apples Wondrous Item – Rare   Crafted by the world-renown Grandma Smith, this dark red toupee frames your face nicely and is

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Fin of Foreboding

Fin of Foreboding Wondrous Item – Rare   Something lurks beneath the surface of the crowd. It grows closer and closer until BAM! You’re face

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Bolts of Frankenstein

Bolts of Frankenstein Wondrous Item – Rare   While technically they are the Bolts of Frankenstein’s Monster, everyone knows what you’re talking about and you

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Clip of Annoyance

Clip of Annoyance Wondrous Item – Rare   Touching this cursed clip instantly installs it in your soul. While under the influence of the Clip

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Horn of Leeroy

Horn of Leeroy Wondrous Item – Legendary   Description In ancient times, warriors would gather before epic battles to plan their attacks. Before one such

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Ring of Vigor

Ring of Vigor Wondrous Item – Rare Description You live an action-packed life, you kick ass and party until the sun rises, so isn’t it

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Wand of DAMIT

Wand of DAMIT (Distractions And Minorly Inconvenient Thoughts) Wondrous Item – Rare Mass produced, this item was crafted by an assembly line of underpaid, alcoholic

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Wand of Gallagher

Wand of Gallagher Wondrous Item – Rare   The bearer of this wand harnesses a tremendous amount of power, all of which is funneled into

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